Post Pandemic?

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Yesterday, I got my Covid-19 booster shots.  Yeah, it is my second booster (my last shot was in May). Pretty straight forward.  I showed up at the appointed time and got my shot with no waiting. And today, besides a slight sourness in the arm, I didn’t have much reaction.

Why the booster, you may ask? In addition to it has been 6 months, we will be traveling to see our kids during the Thanksgiving holiday. Imaging crowded airports, flights, interacting with others, etc. As retirees, we believe it’s better to be safe then sorry.

What amazes me though is when I hear people using the term post-pandemic as if that is the reality.  Yes, people are fatigue from the pandemic and want it to be over with all their hearts. Perfectly understandable. However, that is just not the reality we face.

Maybe it is the same reason that people rebuild their homes on same spots after the flood. Wishful thinking? Short term memory? Denial? Not sure. But if we don’t take care of ourselves in the current environment, the pandemic is surely going to be around.

How are you dealing with the pandemic after almost three years?

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