A Cold Saturday Morning Run

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This morning’s run was cold. Don’t get me wrong, the run itself was fine, no different from my other Saturdays’. But the air cut right through my thoughts and forced me to keep my muffler on all the way from start to finish. Besides the muffler, I had on gloves, windbreaker, and sport watch.

You see, Washington DC is getting the fringe of the monster snowstorm that’s coming off the Lakes and hitting Buffalo, New York with over 6 feet of precipitations. Enough to bury me. In comparison, we are lucky. No snow. Just the bone chilling, breath stopping air.

The weather also reminded me of the folks in Ukraine. With the Russkie missiles striking Ukrainian energy infrastructures, a large swath of the country are deprived of access to electricity, water, and heat while bracing for the coming winter.  War sucks is all I can say.

Lastly, my watch.  I have noticed my easy pace had become retarded. Not because of the weather but more of me, or my choice to run casual sans speed works.  Sure enough the watch confirmed my suspicion: I’m now running closer to 11 minute mile. A full minute slower than my prior pace.

Was your Saturday? More or less enjoyable?

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2 Responses to A Cold Saturday Morning Run

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’m in Boston and we are chillin out also!
    I ran on Sunday and it was much colder than Saturday.
    It was about 40F with the wind gusting to probably 10-15mph.
    I wore a heavy cotton 1/4 zip and not a wind breaker. I did wear wind pants.
    But I was surprised at how comfortable I was even when the wind picked up.
    When it’s cold I wear a muffler also. I think some people call it a neck gator. Makes a huge difference in comfort.

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    • terryshen says:

      Exactly Andy, With the right gears, we can face any weathers. The key to me is to not over dress for the run. I think the costs outweigh the benefits after the body warmed up. So I would start my run feeling a bit cool. Thanks for sharing.


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