Week In Review – 20 Nov 2022

Cold has arrived in Washington DC. Maybe not severe as the snowstorm in Buffalo, NY, but the wintering effects still sacked me. I have at least dug out my winter running gears for my run. The hollering wind fills my spine with chills even when I am indoor. I look forward to visiting our sons in the warmer climate during Thanksgiving.

The US midterm elections, except the Georgia’s senatorial runoff, have settled the balance of power for the next Congress: Democrats remain control of the Senate, and Republicans take the House of Representatives. Mr. Biden being a seasoned politician and the oldest sitting US president (80 years old today) has the years of governmental services to deal with this new dynamics.

In other words, despite the lingering Covid pandemic, looming recession, and the new political landscape, I am confident the government in the coming year will be less chaotic than Mr. Biden’s predecessor. Stability and predictability are hallmarks of a liberal democracy.

On the business side, the story is the opposite.  With a persisting inflation, Tech companies are laying people off. Crypto currency market (FTX) faces a unprecedented meltdown. Consumer confidence about the future nears historical low. It may be a tough road ahead, especially when you work at the Twitter.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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