Thanksgiving Travel

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Today commences one of the busiest travel seasons in the US.

AAA estimates 54.6 million folks in the US will be traveling during this time.  Out of which 4.5 million will travel by air. The numbers are nearly comparable to the pre-pandenmic (2019) figures. Quite encouraging if you ask me. We are not letting the pandemic hijack our holidays.

Having said that, we shouldn’t let our guards down either. Face covering, hand washing, and social distancing are still good ideas regardless if one is vaccinated or not. For sure that breakthrough and long Covid are lurking around looking for their victims.

So if you will be in a crowded space like an airport or airplane, indoor gathering with family or friends, remember to exercise your liberty and protect the vulnerable among us. So we can enjoy the holidays in a safe and fun manner.

Are you traveling during the holidays?

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