What About December?

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With today being the last day of November, the year 2022 has only December left. In the past, people’s spirit would be gliding toward the New Year with Christmas crowning as the main event. That jubilant mood however did not happen for the past two years due to the  Covid pandemic.

By the look of things this year is no different. Possibly worse.

On top of the on-going pandemic, companies are laying off people the worst possible time, before the holidays. Inflation is sky-high squeezing families on fixed income to make tough choices.  And energy crises in Europe are spreading catastrophes not seeing since the World War II.

Seems that little will change in December.  Or will it?  I wish my assumptions were wrong. That something can and will bring about change, hope, and inspiration. Even just on a personal level, 31 days could make a difference. Don’t you  agree?

What’s you plan for December? 

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