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Final Day/ Run For Year 2022

  New Year’s Eve has finally arrived in a surprising fashion – a balmy weather. Only a week ago, Washington DC was barely hitting 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That was when I had my coldest run, ever.   Today, we are at … Continue reading

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Annus Mirabilis Or Horribilis

  These Latin terms translate to: A Wonderful Or Awful Year Apropos on the eve of the New Year Eve to ponder. How was this year? Too much to recount. Too heartbroken to retell.  Too vast to summarize. But, was … Continue reading

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Want A Better New Year?

  With still a few days left in the year, what better time than now to rid of some emotional baggage that have been weighing us down and holding us back? Avoiding them only makes our lives that much worse. … Continue reading

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George Santos

  If you haven’t heard about George Santos, the Congressman-elect from the New York’s 3rd Congressional district, here is a heads up: he is the poster child for what not to be. Why? Because he is a fraud and lied … Continue reading

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The SWA Meltdown

  Apparently, crypto currency exchange (FTX) wasn’t the only business that had a meltdown. The Southwest Airline service also went kaput over this past Christmas weekend. It cancelled 70% of flights yesterday and 87% today. Those are whopping numbers. Not … Continue reading

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Finding Our Way

  With 5 days left in the year, couldn’t help but wonder what is yet to be done before the 2022 vanished into history.  Nothing grand: not eradicating Covid, ending the war between Ukraine and Russia, nor turning the inflation … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Dec 2022

This being the Christmas week, certain holiday frenzies are to be expected. But a severe winter storm has definitely complicated things for many people. Holiday travel, gift shopping, package delivery all got delayed because of this weather event. First World … Continue reading

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My Coldest Run

  While visiting Fairbanks, Alaska last September, I experienced a thermo-chock. The local temperature was 27 degree Fahrenheit. I couldn’t stay outdoor long without freezing my buns. That was then. Today, Washington DC was under the spill of an extreme … Continue reading

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Life Skills

  Many of my job skills were left behind since my retirement.  Skills such as planning and budgeting projects, presenting at conference, and personnel interview and evaluation.  It has been 7 years, and chances are I will not be using … Continue reading

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Severe Winter Storm Alert

“Rain, rain go away. Come again another day . . . ”  It has been raining all day. Streets and sidewalks are swept clean of leaves and any foot traffics.  I suppose it could be a lot worse as a … Continue reading

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