Winter Exercise Rut

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Looking at the phone through my sleepy eyes, the forecast says it’s cold outside which makes the bed feeling even more nice and warm. Going out for a run in the winter takes a special persuasion.

Similarly, holidays are great, but they add extra demands on an already full daily regiment. Traveling, shopping for gifts, preparing relative’s gatherings, all take time and compete for my will.

Any wonder, I’m facing winter exercise ruts? No coincident that  gym membership always goes on sale after the new year capitalizing on the nagging guilt: need to lose weigh, get fit, and pay that membership fees.

Ultimately what gets me out the bed, seizing the time, onto the run is my purpose of maintaining my health. That deep inner yes. Nobody is going to do that for me (other than my wife’s cooking).

Not easy. But I don’t give up on exercise during the winter. Even a little is better than none. Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you get into a winter exercise rut? How do you avoid it?




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