Week In Review – 4 Dec 2022

With Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season followed by the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, easy to say that the year is drawing to a close and looking toward the New Year.  Not me! I am not ready to write off December yet. Plus, what difference would it make if everything is the same and only what on the calendar is changed?

December reminds me of many things: the passage of time, friendship past and present, and yes, lonely winter.  Of course, the Christmas. Who can forget about that.  Except this year, the celebration does not feel quite the same. Maybe President Biden was right to call on the Congress in preventing a rail worker strike. No need to make it bleaker.

Blame it on my social skills or the lack of. I don’t like to run away from problems, harbor wishful thinking, or pretend everything is fine. To me, what does 2023 hold for us is an  irrelevant question when we can’t get through now.  I do admire the Ukrainians for their indomitable spirit. Which shows one does not run away to leave the fight for another day.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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