Building Character?

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I don’t like to walk when I run. It’s not a knock against walking.  In fact, the popular Galloway Run Walk Run Method has helped countless people transforming themselves into runners.  It just not for me – walking makes my run feel that much longer.

Call it a negative motivation if you will. I can’t imaging myself walking in a marathon. Once I started walking, I’m afraid I will not finish. The belief has propelled me through many races no matter how difficult they were.

This morning, I walked. Three times, no less. It was a 6.5 miles run, normal out and back loop. The weather was no extreme – mid forty’s (Fahrenheit) and partly cloudy. The sun made me squinted my eyes. But weather-wise, nothing calamitous.

I remembered thinking to myself, “oh boy, I’m getting slower.” I stopped and walked across the road. Thankfully, no car was coming. Later, “my foot hurts.” I slowed to a walk to finish the rest of the block. And “may be I’m out of shape.” I took a walking break after my last stride interval. 

Did my negative thoughts cause negative action (i.e. me walking)? Maybe. But this much I do know.  At the end, I finished my run with a positive thought that I’ve done something good for myself. Which always make me happy.

Do you use negative motivations? Do they work?

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