Week In Review – 11 Dec 2022

Three weeks left in 2022. Judging by the numbers, we are doing not so hot. Some would bury their heads in sports & entertainment as if even a little  escape from the reality could help. I suppose that it could. But sooner or later, one has to face the truth of living with the reality.

By the way, hoping the New Year would be better is not what I called facing the reality.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with hope. We just have to be proactive about it. And never give up. Especially, on your deeply held beliefs.  

I am not going to sugar-coat it. Discipline is not a given nor easy.  But it is a skill that will aid you in your work, personal life, and much more, if you keep up with it. In other words, you can hope that democracy will prevail. Bu best keep working on it.

Stay safe & Have a nice week

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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