The Pretender

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Spring and summer have been long gone. No sense to think the autumn will stick around either. But I am the pretender. Pretending that those warmer days are still here. I mope and hope the sun will break out, the temperature will climb up, and my cheerful days will return. 

They will, in time. Just not now. 

Here is the thing: plants and animals are more practical. They prepare for winter by slowing down, being dormant/  hibernating, and using the season to re-organize.  Instead of my wishfully dreaming for the warmer days, they adapt while I endure. What a difference.

You see, plants and animals are more efficient.  They work with Mother Nature. Not against. They don’t go through the daily struggle of wishing something that is not.  No matter the circumstance, they move on sans the frustration when the weather turns out different. They just do it.

Why do I still go on pretending?

What is your wintering strategy?

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