Extraordinary People

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One of the reasons that I blog is to capture the moment. My life moments or otherwise.  Carpe diem if you will, instead of letting time slips by my fingers like quicksands. And one observation I noticed is that extraordinary events are by extraordinary people.

Most people in my opinion are good, decent human beings with similar needs, not too different from my own. The extraordinary people, on the other hand, are those with outsize ambitions which drove them to act beyond norm to realize their dreams.

The extraordinary people are in two camps:  positive and negative. Technically, each person has the potential to be extraordinary. I am sure there are many examples everyday. But for the sake of this post, I will simplify.

On the positive side, folks with achievements above and beyond like Olympic champions, Nobel Prize winners come to mind.  The opposite end is represented by characters like mass killers, criminals, dictators with evil intents. They get what they want even at the expense of harming others.

For now, I have the following candidates in the running: Vladimir Putin, Sam Bankman-Fried, Donald Trump.

Whom would you recognize as extraordinary for year 2022? 

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