On Being Professional

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On a freezing, wet, dreary day like today, my first choice is to stay in bed. Not bother with this nasty weather, traffics, and all the yucky stuffs. But I got up after a while.

Days like this reminds me the reason why professionals are a different caliber. They press on in spite of the weather or other distractions such as personal feelings. They get the job done. 

You can say it’s a force of habit to meet the job requirement, a standard conduct to support the work mission, or maybe simply the pay.  Whatever the reason, the professionalism of these people keeps our world functioning everyday. 

To wit, postal delivery happens in inclement weathers. Police enforcement happens in dangerous circumstances. Firefighters, restaurant owners, medical personnel, etc. The list goes on. These people form the backbone of our society.  

Why then should I stay in bed just because I am retired?

Which professional services do you rely on the most? What happens if you lose it?

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