Living With Covid

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In two weeks, the year 2022 will be coming to an end. But that won’t be the case for the Covid, after three years. 

What is going on? The pandemic has never passed despite what people wish.  In fact, the cases in the US is on the rise again. Not surprising given the winter indoor gatherings around the holidays this time of the year. Only disappointing.

Furthermore, the tenacity of this virus is aided by our behaviors.  You see, less than 68% of Americans are vaccinated.  Much less (only 33%) are boosted.  These behaviors feed into the resistance of the Coronavius and allow it to continue mutating and spread.

Interesting enough, China has given up on its “zero Covid” policy and left its people to self-cared. What a flip flop. Its economy has suffered from the severe lockdown policy with growth dramatically cut back to 3% (lowest in a half century). This policy U-turn triggered people’s panic buying on cold medicines and psychological torture of waiting in long lines. 

If we are serious about living with the Covid, meaning reducing the virus to acceptable risk, something must change. And I don’t think the China Model is what we want.

What logical change need to happen so we can be living with the Covid?

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1 Response to Living With Covid

  1. OmniRunner says:

    People need to get vaccinated.
    If China had used their lock down time to get everyone vaccinated, they would be way ahead of the US.


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