Loneliness In Aging

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“I am going to bed early,” my mother says to me over the phone. My heart twitches at her pronouncement.  Is it because of the weather is cold? Maybe. Her next sentence fills my inquisitive thought.  “I have nothing to do.” She says. To me that translates to she is lonely. 

At the age of 90, my mother is relatively healthy. Sure she forgets things, mixes up details and dates, but who doesn’t? I can relate as I too am guilty of forgetfulness at times. Who knows how well I would be at her age.  By all appearances, she functions normally day to day. 

That worries me too.  Her connection is challenged by lack of interacting with her peers. Folks understand when she mentions the past, long ago. People who relate to her complaints about bodily deterioration due to aging. My dad passed away 11 year ago this week. Things have never been the same for my mom since.

I try to “be there” for her. But regardless how much I try, it is not the same as a peer could relate. Speaking of peers, her friends are dwindling in numbers. Probably less than a handful judging by the names she mentions.  Some have deceased.  Adding to my confusions whether she is talking about the past, present, or future?

What would you do if in my situation? 

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