Week In Review – 18 Dec 2022

With only two weeks left in the year, what is on your mind?

Can’t wish the holidays be here sooner? Can’t wait to get the year over with? Or can’t believe it has been 3 years since the Covid started? The reality is quite dim. Not saying good things aren’t happening.  Only that year 2022 is stacking up to no better, if not worse, than the year before.

Let’s see what happened this year: Russian has invaded Ukraine and triggered food and energy crises in Europe and across the globe, inflation in the US has reached a 40 year high, and our planet has lost over another million lives to the Covid pandemic. No signs the situations will improve anytime soon.

Certainly we can pretend that everything will turn up okay miraculously, and the extraordinary people will bring peace to the world. I’m not hold my breath. Instead, what on my mind are more personal: aging is lonely and thank goodness for the professionals who managed to keep our society functioning in spite of all the difficulties.  

Stay safe & have a nice week

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