Christmas Week

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It is finally here – the week of Christmas.

By now, I hope you have done all the preparations for the Christmas. Unless, of course, you’re a last minute type or delivery person.  In that case, better get cracking. 

The January 6 Committee held its final hearing today, with its final report scheduled to release this Wednesday. Just in time, wouldn’t you say? Regardless what the Department of Justice or next Congress will do, this House Committee has done its job. Former president Trump’s actions have been exposed.  Ultimately the American people will be the judge.

Will he or will he not?  Elon Musk on Sunday put his Twitter CEO job to a vote. I kid you not. This is after he spent  $44 billion dollars buying the company. And the final result was YES that he should resign. Whether he will follow through with his tweet is anybody’s guess.  In any events, Mr. Musk made his own bed.

Well, it’s still Monday on the Christmas Week.  Better get cracking. 

What do you still need get ready do for the holiday?


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