Good Gift?

Holiday Gift From My Neighbor

Present from my neighbor


“Ding Dong” my door bell rang. I opened the door and my new neighbor across the street was holding her two month old daughter and a box of home-made sweets (pictured above) for us. What a sweet and nice gesture. I was particularly touched knowing how busy she has been with the newborn and yet still managed the gift.

Gifting is common during the holiday season and on special occasions such as birthday, anniversary. What to give, however, is not always to easy to figure it out.  Let alone a gift that is meaningful. No shortage of advertisers would vie for our attentions (and money) with Best Gift of (fill in the blank). But what’s good for the business’s bottom line is not necessary the best gift.

While price is always a consideration, thoughtful gifts do not have to be expensive.  Not at all.  In fact, I prefer the “gift of self” which is by far more meaningful.  Like my neighbor’s gift box,  it is precious because it’s not only a gift but also her time and effort.  If you know what the recipient needs/ wants, by all means.

What is a good gift to you? 


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