Trying Something New Or Different

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Everyone has routines.  How you brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on your shoes, are all parts of your daily routines.  They are key to our day-to-day life because they provide stability and efficiency to a chunk of our activities.

Having said that, however, equally important, if not more, is to break out of our routines once in a while.  What and why? One may ask.

You see, easy to get used to the routines, and over time becoming depend on them.  We’re in our comfort zone.  And as creatures of habits, who wouldn’t pick the path of least resistance, right? As a result, we lose the sense of adventure.  And life morphs into a bore.

Take today for instance.  It’s winter solstice for us in the Northern Hemisphere. It could be an annual calendar event or an opportunity to explore, learn, and celebrate the longest night of the year.  A choice you can make by trying something new or different.

What are some ideas that you would like to try?

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