Severe Winter Storm Alert

“Rain, rain go away. Come again another day . . . ”  It has been raining all day. Streets and sidewalks are swept clean of leaves and any foot traffics.  I suppose it could be a lot worse as a winter storm hitting across the US bringing extreme weather conditions to many states and disrupting the holiday weekend travel plans as well as package deliveries.

Furthermore, a local Cold Emergency Alert has been issued for my immediate region (Mid-Atlantic) on “below zero windchill condition” in the next two days, right up to the Christmas Eve. In theory, a white Christmas is picturesque. But definitely not subzero windchills.  Rain will freeze on accumulation with said streets and sidewalks forming a so called “black ice” that is hazardous to both vehicular and human traffic.

If there is a silver lining to the weather condition, the US Senate has passed the federal government fiscal year funding on the account of the threat of inclement weather.  I suppose most Congressional members would like to catch their flights home in time for Christmas.

Got travel plan for the holiday weekend?

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