Life Skills

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Many of my job skills were left behind since my retirement.  Skills such as planning and budgeting projects, presenting at conference, and personnel interview and evaluation.  It has been 7 years, and chances are I will not be using them again. 

But there are some skills that have remained with me to this date. They are the so called “life skills” that contribute not only to being successful in life but also one’s health and well-being.

So what are life skills?  In essence, life skills are a broad term for what we need, what we learn, and what we apply to address specific demands in life.  Generally speaking they refer to our social, emotional, and thinking skills.

Whether it’s playing with others on kindergarten ground or negotiating deals in office environment, these life skills are lessons we pick up through direct life experience or training. They are parts of our lives.

Even in retirement, I continue to work on these skills as my needs and situations evolve. Life never ceases to surprise me with new twists. I plow mainly in the areas about myself in different roles, relationships, and experiences.

So don’t overlook the life skills. They may be what you need for  that promotion (social skills), relationship (emotional skills), or retirement (self management skills). 

What life skills do you find important?

2022.12.25 Other examples of life skills are reading and writing.

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