Finding Our Way

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With 5 days left in the year, couldn’t help but wonder what is yet to be done before the 2022 vanished into history.  Nothing grand: not eradicating Covid, ending the war between Ukraine and Russia, nor turning the inflation around.  Despite how we feel, these will not happen. Not in 5 days.

What then could be done in five days that would have an impact? The answer lies in your destinations. Where are you headed? Determine that, and finding your way will follow. What do I mean?  Here are a few examples:

If you are financial/ tax inclined, setting up a retirement account or dumping the devalued stocks is an option. If health minded, joining a gym, getting a physical check-up, or similar can get you ahead the game before the new year starts. If family valued, quality time spent with the loved ones is always worth the efforts.

What are your choices?

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