Want A Better New Year?

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With still a few days left in the year, what better time than now to rid of some emotional baggage that have been weighing us down and holding us back? Avoiding them only makes our lives that much worse.

What emotional baggage, you ask?  These are unresolved feelings toward people, places, or things that we are harboring, ruminating and refusing to let go.  They gnaw on us from inside. Here are some signs that may help to spot them.

Emotional baggage are dead weights. Literally and figuratively.  Like the items on my desk that I kept for nostalgic reasons: an old dictionary that I haven’t opened for ages, hole punchers from my previous organizing-by-binder  life, and of course the binders themselves.

Invariably, all hell breaks loose when I can’t find something I need. Needless to say, that’s not my only baggage. But at least it is tangible for me to tackle before this weekend.

Got any emotional baggage you wish to unpack?

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