Final Day/ Run For Year 2022

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New Year’s Eve has finally arrived in a surprising fashion – a balmy weather.

Only a week ago, Washington DC was barely hitting 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That was when I had my coldest run, ever.   Today, we are at mid 50’s.  It was so warm in fact I ran in shorts this morning. Crazy? Perhaps.  But that is not the word I would choose.

This striking contrast brings to mind just how unpredictable our world has been.  By extension, this year accentuates the worst of it.  On this last day of the year, Russia continues its relentless missile strikes on Ukraine energy infrastructures bringing terrors for millions of people.

In China where the Coronavirus was first discovered three years ago, the pandemic is raging on with a surge. What worse is the government’s reversal on its “zero Covid” policy has let loose hundreds and thousands of Chinese revenge travelers abroad.  Many of them tested positive.

The year 2022 has been “the worst year in more than a decade for global equities and bonds” says so the Bloomberg news. Many people have lost their investment in huge amounts (particularly if invested in the crypto currency). Moreover, next year does not look particularly promising with recession raring its head.

“Annus horribilis” if you ask me.

What is your final thought on this last day of 2022?

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