Week In Review – 1 Jan 2023

Unequivocally, the year 2022 had left a bad taste for many people.  Myself included.  It tested people’s faiths: our democracy in the forms of insurrections, our value in the reversal of abortion rights, or our moral in what right from wrong.  A feeling of chaos looms large and leaves me yearning for a better new year.

Even until the last day, I struggled to be positive. Persistent challenges confront us. How they are handled leave a nagging doubt in my heart whether any effective solutions are forthcoming. These include the Covid pandemic, Ukraine war, and economy/ inflation.  Unnecessary lives lost are the collateral damages.  Your choice could very well be different.

But this is why I can’t bring myself to say “Happy New Year” as I remain unclear on which way we are headed. Recent meltdowns around the holidays did not bolster any confidence.  But if a silver lining is needed that would be – we have lots room for improvement. And to that my offer of “Better New Year” stands.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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