What’s New In 2023?

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Four days into the 2023, there seem a lot of first’s in the year.

First baby, first storm, first meteor shower, and list goes on. Peeling back the headlines, however, you will find there is  nothing original about these first’s other than their timings.  Real historical significance? Nope.

I can come up with my first breakfast, first fart, first shower, first whatever in the new year.  But they are quite meaningless. You get my drift. So why all the hoopla? The answer is people trying to get attentions in the crowded media space.  Anything new?  Nope.

The 118th Congress opened yesterday.  Republican has the majority in the House of Representative, and Democrat has the Senate. All good, except the House can’t seem to elect a Speaker for that body. And without a Speaker, no Congress person can be sworn in.  Surprised? Nope.

So if you are looking for something new, creative, or a change, best to rely on yourself.

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