Thoughts On Covid In 2023

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In two week, the Chinese New Year will take place (1/22/2023). And so does the largest human migration on earth. Yes, more than the entire US population of Chinese people will be on the move. And you think our holiday travel was bad?!

Unfortunately, the resurgence of Covid in China could not have happened in worse time. The Chinese new year, the resurgence of Covid, and  the reversal of China’s zero Covid policy form the proverbial perfect storm for the Coronavirus to spread and potentially mutate.

What’s to us? You ask.

Well, China is the world’s second largest economy and serves as the factory for manufactured goods worldwide including the ever so popular iphone and Tesla. A slow down in China economy invariably impacts many countries near and far.  US included. Not to mention the spread and mutation of Coronavirus.

Do you think the Covid surge in China will cause another global wave?

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