Week In Review – 8 Jan 2023

With the arrival of the New Year and the holidays behind us, everything seems pretty much the same as before the ball dropped. If anything the pandemic stands to become worse as the Chinese New Year looming. Will the 2023 be the final year of this pandemic?

Finally, elected, Kevin McCarthy must be the happiest Congress person this weekend.  Hope he is enjoying the moment, because his victory may soon be his worst nightmare.  Be careful what you ask for. Will McCarthy last?

In spite of the tech layoffs, many hiring are still happening as indicated by the strong US job market. Even though the Speakership is taken, other jobs  are still available. Will recession be part of the 2023 landscape?

Your guesses are as good as mine. Regardless the outcomes, I am going to work on getting my fitness back on track. This will be my transition to living with the Covid, if you will.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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