The Republicans Are Back

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The House of Representatives passed today a rules package concocted by Speaker Kevin McCarthy in his bids for the job.

What interesting about this rules package is its inclusion of the giveaways McCarthy conceded last week to a small group of conservatives within his party in exchange for their votes for the speakership.

Here are some noteworthy rules that have been brought back:

  • Motion to vacate – any member can make a motion to oust the Speaker.  Yes, single member.
  • Holman rule – appropriation cut may be targeted to specific federal employees or programs instead of the broad agencies.
  • No more Proxy voting – instituted in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 is now gone. Member must vote in-person.

Interestingly, term limit did not make it into the package.  Go figure. The package was passed along the party line (220-213), and will govern how the House operate in the next two years.

Do you think we will have a grid-lock House for the next two years?

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