Me & My Mask

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Before the Covid, I would not be caught dead with any face covering in public (or elsewhere for that matter).  But after three years of this pandemic, the opposite has become my norm.

I place a mask by my front door as a reminder to bring it on my way out.  I have a spare in my car in case I forgot the one by the front door.  I bring several masks when travel by airplane. So I can swap them for variety.

Pathetic? Maybe.  But my conversion resembles the grieving process. I couldn’t believe the pandemic was happening. How much it was spreading and forcing me to adapt, including quarantine. And finally the acceptance.

The mask is my way of living with the Covid in addition to vaccinations. I am  thankful to have gone through it.  For sure, with the XBB.1.5 variant in the news, I will definitely keep my mask handy.

What’s chance of us seeing the end of Covid in 2023?

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