On MLK Day 2023

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In our seemingly divisive and fragmented society, Martin Luther King, Jr., the celebrated  civil rights leader and activist, stood out as a role model and beacon of hope for America’s future. Why?

Not because his gift of oration, nor his life dedicated to civil rights, or the landmark changes resulted from his efforts (Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights of 1965, and Fair Housing Act of 1968), but the power of his faith, action, and impact that have shaped so many lives since.

King’s faith on what’ve been embedded in our Constitution reminds us that much work still remain. Equal justice for all sounds great but rings hollow for the underprivileged and neglected. His action through peaceful/ nonviolence resistance preserves the sanctity of the ideals set forth by our Founders.

And most profoundly, MLK’s impact will be eternal presumedly carried through his words, deeds, and role modeling.  Much are still to be achieved. Our daily news is a living proof of such. And after some five decades, you can still hear MLK the drum major cheering us on from the beyond. 

How is your MLK Day?


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