Sense Of Adventure On Travel

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Every travel to foreign destinations is an adventure. Without the comfort of local knowledge, our normal safety net is left dangling. Something possibly go wrong contributes to that sense of adventure. It is part of the deal. Otherwise, might as well stay home.

What possibly could go wrong? Let’s see: flight delay, missing luggage, and getting lost are three common scenarios. It’s the  unknown that challenges our comfort zone and ability to deal with obstacles. Hopefully in a measured fashion. So we  maintain our sense of adventure and not get stressed out.

My own travel experience suggests that plan all you can, but when the unexpected happens, be vulnerable. Invariably, challenges will be met, problems will get solved, and missing items will reunited (or not). Often with the good grace and generosity from complete strangers.

That last part in my view is the secret of travel – whenever happens, it warms my heart, restores my faith in people, and enables me to further my sense of adventure the next time.

What is your preferred sense of adventure about travel?

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