Night Critters

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In and around my neighborhood, noise is not an issue. No ambulances, fire engines, night owls. A quiet neighborhood during the day and even more so at night. Occasionally, a fox in heat may shrill for a while, but that is rare. I suppose I live in a peaceful section of the town. Even so, I get insomniac at times.

The scenario changes when I travel elsewhere. All kinds of sound like a kaleidoscope filled the night. In the city, the most common noise besides the traffics is the sound of sirens from emergency vehicles, piercing through the darkness. On the countryside, there are critters I can’t see nor name making symphonic sounds throughout the night.

The funny thing is this: I sleep better and more soundly while traveling than I do at home. Sure, I may be more tired on the road, have fewer distractions to keep me awake, or have less choice/ space to seek out alternatives. Whatever the reason may be, the night critters and I seem to get along just fine.

What kinds of night critters have you experienced?

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