On Good Governance

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When visiting Washington DC, three buildings stand out symbolizing the US Government: the Congress, White House, and Supreme Court. They represent the physical embodiment of the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial Branches.

To a large degree, Washington DC is about the business of government. Not a day goes by without news on the trifecta filling the air. Regardless your opinion on how well the government functions, we shall be grateful for the US Constitution – the overarching principle governing not only the federal, but also state and local governments.

If the Congress, White House and Supreme Court are the bodies, the Constitution is the soul. Not only for the government but for the collective us all. The last part is important.

Because when our government is underperforming, our people are not happy, or anything else for that matter, we have the right, being a republic, to petition the government “peaceably” in redressing our grievances.

Just thought it’s worth repeating.

How well do you think the government is serving us?

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