Week In Review – 22 Jan 023

Besides being the Lunar New Year, today is also the climax of the San Sebastian Street Festival, the largest party in Puerto Rico (SanSe 2023). So if you’re in a festive mood, here are two reasons to celebrate.

On top of that, the past Monday was the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A national holiday that always reminds me to gauge how much social  progress we’ve made and how well are the people being served in terms of good governance.

Spoiler alert, not so well. We ranked 24th out of 168 countries on the Social Progress Index, last among the industrialized nations. If this bursted the bubble for you, it says we have work to do and still far from MLK’s vision.

On a personal front, I have started my travel for the new year. Once again, I am yearning to stretch my comfort zone and search for that sense of adventure.

Stay safe & have a nice week





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1 Response to Week In Review – 22 Jan 023

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Gotta love a good festival. Never been to puerta Rico


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