For What Do I Run?

San Juan PR, running trail, Jan 2023


It’s no secret that I run for my health. That’s my answer, plain and simple. To that end, having fun along the way definitely adds to it.  And, I would add exploration as part of that fun to spice up my run.

Recently I explored such a trail in San Juan, Peurto Rico. It is called Parque Lineal Río Bayamón. I ran from Metro San Juan where I stayed north until it touches the ocean – The Atlantic Ocean. See the picture I took above. For a round trip of 10 miles. 

Not only the trail has controlled (but free) access through staffed entrances, it was nicely maintained with rest stops along the route. One can stop to use the facilities, buy water or coffee, enjoy the view. Saw many family activities as well.

Another nice feature of this trail is that it has separate lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians to avoid accident or collision. If you plan to give the trail a try just note the last two miles before the ocean are without facilities services.

Got any fav run you like to share?

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5 Responses to For What Do I Run?

  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Having a specific Lane for running can’t be underestimated. Often get stuck behind dog walkers where this isn’t present. Health, enjoyment, and exploring are 3 good reasons to run. I personally use a bike to explore but running certainly gives you that buzz of pushing yourself more quickly 🙂


  2. OmniRunner says:

    We have many old rail road beds that have been converted to bike/running/walking paths. They are probably 12-15 feet wide.
    Plenty of room but it can get tricky when cyclists, walkers and runners all come together.
    It’s interesting that the trail in PR had controlled entrances. I’ve never seen that.
    Most long trails like that around here are the rail road bed type and they cross so many roads and run through people’s back yards. You could never control access.


    • terryshen says:

      Yes Andy, I was surprised as well. But seeing how much maintenance went in and the parking spaces at each of the controlled access point, I can understand it from a quality assurance point of view. Definitely a different approach.


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