Life Is Full Of Compromises

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Sounds awful I know, but it’s true that our lives are full of compromises.

The job we hold, place we live, and friends we make are results of our choices based on compromises. And that is okay. We live in an interdependent world where collaboration is the norm .

I don’t make the cloth I wear, nor grow the food I eat. Instead, I choose what I wear or eat based on a price point and quality that I accept. As such, I believe I am similar to many people.

What important is that we don’t compromise on the big deals, like our principles. It would be a slippery slope when we give in on our core values. No telling how much and far we will fall.

Fortunately, life’s big deals are few and far in between. As long as we have clarity on what they are, we can stand tall, hold our ground, and our dignity in place.

All the other stuffs can slide. Because life is full of compromises.

Do you believe in competition or compromise?

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