California – Tip Of The Iceberg

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First, there was the wildfires, then came the droughts, and the floods. If you say California, yes, you got it right,

As if these disasters weren’t enough, the Golden State was confronted with another tragedy: a string of mass shootings (three to be exact) from last Saturday to this Monday. A total of 18 people were killed, and 17 injured.

Mass shootings are not new in the US. But with 39 occurrences in 24 days this year makes the year 2023 the worst start on record. California happens to be the recipient of the bad news whether man-made or natural disasters.

What hit California are unfortunate but not unique to that State. This is an American tragedy. And it is only going to get worse. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.

We must prioritize our resources, energies, and efforts in solving the challenges we face.

Otherwise, we will only keep falling further behind.

What do you think are the priorities facing us?

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