US Tax Filing Season Opens

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On Monday (23 Jan), the Internal Revenue Service announced it’s ready to accept tax return filings for year 2022. This announcement has been lurking in the back of my head ever since. It’s a reminder that I owe the government my filing and, more likely than not, money as well. Neither is to my liking.

Regardless the outcome, the process of gathering all  informations, assembling my return, and file it before the deadline on 18 Apr (the 15th is on a Saturday) dispirits me. You see I am not a detail-oriented person. I will be agonizing over the tasks for the 80 plus days or ‘till whenever I file.

Even if I were to take the job to an outside preparer, I am the one still responsible for the accuracy and completeness of my tax return. In other words, no shirking of duty. However, most supporting documents are now handled electronically by their financial institutions. Going paperless makes the process more challenging for me to track.

Nevertheless, whining aside, I understand paying taxes is everyone’s duty. Mine included. After all is said, I will grind through and comply. But it does not mean I like the process.

Are you an early or late filer?

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