Cozy Winter?

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When mentioning winter, dark and cold are the typical descriptors come to mind.  Days are shorter and temperatures drop precipitously due to windchill. And, we feel more tired and hungry instinctively to these winter elements. For some, barely hanging on is about all they can do to survive.  Let alone finding redemption during this harsh season.

So, what in the world is this about cozy winter? Well, sometime desperation creates inspiration.  When people have no choice but to deal with the dark & cold winter, they come up with ways to embrace the winter instead of running away from it. Nordic people even have a word for it  called “hygge.”

There is a zen quality to this “cozy winter” approach.  Namely, if you can’t beat them, join them.  And here are a few suggestions.

Be present in the moment. Even with limited daylight, take advantage of the outdoor and soak up the sunlight.  If must stay in, focus on spending quality time both with self and others. Making surrounding comfortable. Whether it’s with hot chocolate, soothing soup, warm blanket, or whatnot.

In other words, find peace in the moment. And make it a cozy winter.

Still working on my hygge. What about you?

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