It’s February

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At last, I flip over the desk calendar to a new page. It is February, finally.

Maybe it’s the seasonal effect, but the month of January for me was excruciating, glacially slow, and filled with not so upbeat news. Not that  February is any of my favorites, but I just can’t wait to move on.

At least, a couple of pluses I hold for this second month of the year: 1) it’s the last month of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere), 2) it’s a short month, in fact the shortest of the year, and 3) it’s a fresh start.

The slower pace of winter combined with the dull overcast sky has me locked in a perpetual hibernating mode. With the arrival of February, I may have a chance to be awake and  do something active. There is always hope.

Are you ready for February?

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