My PR Days

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This is somewhat a touchy subject for me.  You see, personal records (PR) was a goal I chased for a long time. It is also called PB (personal best) sometime.

In sports, it is useful way to have a PR to help in setting target, tracking progress, and making improvement. It provides a systematic and measurable yardstick. I used it for my marathons.

Now retired, my PR days are behind me.  As I am not getting any younger, my body’s physiology declines as I get older. Whether it’s muscular, aerobic, or mental capability, I am on the downward slope of the PR curve.

Only a matter of time, I will hit my limits, if not already.   The best I can do is trying to sustain my health without losing capability too quickly. Let alone trying for a new PR.  In short, our days are numbered. Do not waste your efforts.

In term of PR, are you on a past, present, or future tense?

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