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Grand Jury Indictment?

  When the Manhattan grand jury indicted the former president Trump yesterday, it was an instant  headline news. Unprecedented, shocked, outraged, un-American are just some of the adjectives used. And the late night talk shows had a field day with … Continue reading

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To Retire Or Not?

  Some people, who stand at the edge of deciding to retire or not, hesitate. Granted my own experience was different, many do get the cold feet before taking that leap.  One, because they don’t know what the future holds. … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Yoga

Yoga has many benefits. It’s a body weight exercise. Minimal or no equipment needed. It can be practiced practically anywhere. Easy as that sounds, I have been remiss in my yoga practice. Whenever I do find myself on the mat, … Continue reading

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Who Is Counting?

  According to my record, today hits the 400 day mark since the Russia invaded Ukraine last February.  Four hundred days is a long time. For some it’s eternity. Others may have forgotten about it due to our short attention … Continue reading

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Keeping Up The Good Work

  There are times when I forget, not motivated, or simply don’t feel like it, but I press forward anyway. Does not always work, but I believe in the law of average: if I persist, on the average I will … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 26 Mar 2023

With the arrival of spring equinox this past Monday, weather in Washington DC is getting warm almost by the days. For those following the cherry blossom news this week is the peak period. Soon, the cold and dark winter that … Continue reading

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Is It Irrational Exuberance Or Janet Yellen?

  The banking crises is spreading not only in the US but also the overseas.  What is creating doubt with the financial institutions and spooking the market? A term coined by Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman, is “irrational exuberance.” … Continue reading

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On Acceptance

  Part of growing up is our acceptance of life. Early on, we learnt that the world does not evolve around  us, and we don’t always get we want. Acceptance of things, regardless we like them or not, is a … Continue reading

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Getting Warm In DC

  The temperature shot up to 82 degree (Fahrenheit) in Washington DC today. Thirty degrees above Monday’s (spring equinox). While a welcoming warm up, what follows this rise in temperature is the pollen count. After all the plants and animals … Continue reading

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China Playing Politics

  After three days of pomp and circumstance, China’s president Xi, Jinping wrapped his State visit today with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Timing for Xi’s visit was extraordinary and explicit –   “strategic choice made by China based on … Continue reading

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