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Action speaks louder than words. Better believe it.

In fact, I would put less weight on words now-a-day. Social media is free wheeling. Not to mention, a chatbot can generate word filled content better than average Joe. No offense.

Despite that, everyone loves a good story. We want to believe it. Even fictions, if it is presented as such. Fictional story has its place. It conjures up imagination, frees our mind to make-believe, and enables human expression.

So what should we do? Do we have to verify, fact check every details? What’s the working surface? And the action there? Is it credible?

When Fox News knew that the 2020 Election was not stolen, but still went ahead with it regardless, it lost all credibility with me. Okay, business is business. Why should the truth spoils a good story, right? Not to mention the revenues and other ulterior motives. I get it.

Instead of the Fox News, maybe a more suitable name would be Fox Entertainment? Oh wait, isn’t that already taken? No matters. It makes a good story.

 Is it real or Memorex?


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