My Take On The Jetpack Mobile App

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Comes March 8, next Wednesday, the WordPress as we know it will go through a transformation. A lot of the bells and whistles will be stripped from the WP and shift off to the so called Jetpack Mobile App – features like Stats, Notifications, and Reader.

After giving the Jetpack a try,  I decided it’s not for me. Here are my why’s.

Maybe I am a blogging dinosaur. But the Jetpack feels to me so much like a social media app and less a blogging platform. For one, it does not support the Classic block editor. Which I still use to write my blog. The Jetpack caters to the on the go, point-and-shoot with links and notifications, hence the mobile app.

I like to write my posts in front of my computer. Read some, think about or reflect on it, then compose. My process fits better with the WP as compared to the Jetpack. If I were doing a travel or foodie blog, perhaps the Jetpack would be the choice.

I will miss the connections with other bloggers though the Reader and Notification. But the WP is my choice.

Have you tried the Jetpack Mobile App? 

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2 Responses to My Take On The Jetpack Mobile App

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I tried the new JP mobile app.
    Like they said, it moved everything over and I was able to use it that first time.
    But unlike the WP mobile app, JP keeps asking for my log in info and then tells me it’s wrong.
    The JP app looked fine, mostly like the WP app.
    I never posted “on the go” any way so not being able to load the new JP mobile app want be a big deal for me. I’ll just have to wait to sit down at my desktop to see my current stats.


    • terryshen says:

      Yup Andy,
      I’ m curious to see how the WP will change after the switch over. Not clear whether our postings will remain at the same site where they can be accessed by both the WP & JP, or they are severed at the embellicol cord.

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