Week In Review – 5 Mar 2023

First weekend in March. Today, a sunny day in the nation’s capital.  The natural light paints every living things with a golden glow. Am I hearing the steps of an early Spring coming or just a teaser?

Typical of every Sunday, the news media compete to fill the air with stories:  Partisan politics, Ukraine war, or impact of interest rate on economy, you name it.  Washington DC is notorious this way – a bubble from the rest of the country. One exception is the sports & violence.

On travel. I noticed even in the airport each city shows off its unique flavor, people, and culture. Here in DC, the pundits may  espouse the “should’s” but it’s the politicians who play with the “will’s” but everyone keeps an eye  on their re-election coffers.

In this week, the WordPress platform will kick off its new Jetpack Mobile App. Not sure what will happen to the existing platform, but based on my imperfect understanding, I have chosen to stick with the old platform. A mistake? We shall see.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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