Non-human Intelligence

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Human intelligence is a common used term. The language we use represents an example of how information is stored and disseminated. And of course technology is another example of how far the human intelligence has evolved. But non-human intelligence? What is with that?

The term non-human intelligence refers to intelligence possessed by any other species other than human. Other species such as plants, animal, and our planet. The plants around us go through seasonal cycles. They adapt, grow, and evolve independent of our language nor technology. Same is true with the animals and  planet.

Because the human intelligence is how we learn and understand the world around us, we may assume  that it is the best. Nothing can be farther from the truth. You see, we are part of a natural system. A subset of it really. Albeit, we have encroached and exploited the heck out of it in our pursuits.

What does your pet think when you got the urge to dress it up?

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