Pain-free Running

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Most pain in running stems from running too fast or pushing body beyond what it can handle.  I know this first hand.  Having being through them before makes me sensitive to when to back off and slow down before I injure myself. Trust me, it is not fun to be injured.

So when a tinge pulsed in my right soleus during the strider portion of my  workout this morning, I was alarmed. A similar feel happened before with my  left soleus. Probably pushing a bit too fast. So, instead of following my head, I listened to my body and immediately stopped the striders.

Call it experience or preference, if you will. I rather be running pain-free. Freeing my senses to take in the fresh morning air, feel the warm sunshine, and enjoy the slight moisture on my back, all  wonderful parts of a good workout. Not letting injury robs me of the pleasure from my morning run.

How is your running? Pain-free?

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