Status On Daylight Saving

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Once again, I am going around my house before bedtime adjusting every clock, analog or digital, to accommodate the Daylight Saving Time which will begin tomorrow at 2 AM. The rumor on the effort to do away with it is true.  Unfortunately, the effort never made it through the Congress let alone to the President Biden to sign it into the law.

Am I bitter about losing an hour of sleep? Or getting up in the dark? The answer is no. It is just something I must follow or risk falling out of sync with everybody else. Being there, done that. And embarrassed.  The task is not difficult and no special tool required. Usually takes me less than fifteen minutes.

What amazed me is the world’s “greatest deliberative body” can’t get its acts together to pass a legislation eliminating this outdated law. Are they too busy working on something else instead of this? It makes me ponder on the saying that “it takes an act of Congress.”

If given a choice, which one do you prefer to keep the daylight saving or standard time?

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