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Have you ever wanted to get out of the room or disappear from a heated situation or tight jam?

Yes, you may not even be aware that’s what going on. But people use escape as a coping mechanism to avoid life’s unpleasant episodes.  Episodes such as confrontation, stress, boredom, loneliness, and fear of failure. Just to name a few. You have your own list.

Take myself for instance. I have a habit of grazing when I am bored. Not that I needed to munch, but just something to keep my mind distracted. This is sometime called escape parachute – a means to avoid unpleasant realities.

The trouble with escape parachute is that they”re temporary. Be it daydreaming, binge eating, drinking, or shopping, to substance abuse, sooner or later, we have to come back and face the reality. In fact, while escaping, we not only taking our eyes off the situation but also risk of magnifying the cause.

What to do then? You ask. Well, I am no psychologist and certainly have no solution to offer. However, this much I do know: life can be tough, but we always have a choice. Escape parachute is a temporary relief and not the solution. Ultimately, we must face the reality on our own.

Do you have escape parachute? What’s your thought about using it?

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1 Response to Escape

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I watch TV.
    When I don’t really feel like writing or going for a run, I can find something to watch.
    Now that it’s tax season…

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